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We believe research is about finding answers to questions, and that harnessing technology, paired with engaged participants, is the fastest way to find solutions that work. Studytrax is the perfect expression of this idea.

Data Capture Excellence

Studytrax is an Electronic Data Capture system with amazing features designed for clinical trials (Phase I – IV), observational studies and patient registries.  Feature highlights are below, learn more (here) and (here).

Flexible Research
  • eConsent (no-touch consent)
  • Multiple projects within a single environment
  • Visualize disease states and outcomes
  • Automated clinic notes and reporting
  • Screening and randomization
  • Integrated manuscript generation process
Participant Portal
  • Earn points, exchange for gift cards
  • Secure messaging communication platform
  • Use participant’s data to deliver ‘Smart Content’
    • Educational materials
    • Disease information
  • Set, monitor and incentivize goals

Amazing Research

Being able to engage and delight participants, coordinate data and staff across one or more studies with ease, and produce results quickly and efficiently isn’t just research.  It’s Amazing!

Publish Faster

Combine data collection with manuscript creation, dramatically increase productivity

Streamline Workflow

Visual, interactive work display within a shared environment, leverage previous work with ease

Engage Participants

Deliver personalized content, incentives, goal tracking and secure communication


What Customers Have to Say

"This is cool. The more I play with Studytrax, the more I like it. This is by far the best product on the market."

– Ying Chen, MD, MS, MA

“I cannot express how pleased we are with Studytrax and the service your team has provided.”

 – Robert Saper, MD MPH

"The level of service you provide is truly phenomenal."

– Carolyn Yung Ho, MD

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Cancel any time, easy to learn & use, 21 CRF Part 11 & HIPAA compliant, and world-class security policies and procedures.

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Dramatically increase research productivity through amazing workflow innovation and design elegance that makes bringing your data to life easy.

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Vested in your success, we take time to understand your needs, correctly configure Studytrax, and work hard to build trusted, long-term relationships.


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