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Advancing Comprehensive Care

Provide exceptional epilepsy care with a cutting-edge Learning Health System that streamlines decision making, saves valuable time, conducts research, empowers patients with information, and ensures adherence to NAEC standards, ensuring comprehensive and high-quality patient care.

Practice Benefits


Save Time

  • Generate automated clinic notes

  • Simplify prescriptions and instructions to patients, and management of adherence

  • Minimize data entry, organize and easily access and leverage seizure and treatment information

  • Visualize data to make it easy to understand​

  • Calculate information to answer clinical questions

  • Centralize and consolidate data across specialties

    • Neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychology, etc.​



  • Run clinical trials, surveys, and PDSA initiatives within a single, integrated environment

  • Directly connect study data to the analytical process 

  • Organize talks, abstracts, manuscripts, etc. within a centralized location, update results on demand

  • Provide incentives for completing outcomes questionnaires

  • Communicate via secure messaging and file exchange

  • Deliver personalized disease information and education materials

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